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Vorontsov’s Caves

One of the largest cave systems in Europe, 12,500 km long. For visiting tourist groups there is a special path of 600 m. When you visit Vorontsov cave system, you will see a lot of stalagmites and stalactites, unusual filigree formations, meet numerous bats. Underground stream creates a special atmosphere. Vorontsov cave is two-tiered. Walking tours are carried out on the upper tier, and the lower one is accessible to tourists with excellent physical shape and special equipment.


Sochi Olympic Park is where the most important objects of the XXII Olympic Winter Games are located. During the 2014 Winter Olympics there were competitions in hockey, figure skating, curling, speed skating, short track, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. During a walk in the park you will plunge into the history of the Games in Sochi, see fabulous sports arenas and stadiums.


One of the most popular sightseeing spots among Sochi guests. Mount Big Akhun is located at the altitude of 663 m above sea level among Eagle rocks, where according to ancient Greek mythology, Titan Prometheus was chained, which, contrary to the will of the supreme god Zeus, stole fire from Gods for people’s sake. From the observation tower you will see a panorama of extraordinary beauty with a view of the mountains, the sea and the city within a radius of 35 km. ARBORETUM Sochi National Park Arboretum was founded in 1892 and is one of the largest dendroparks in the world. Now in Arboretum of Sochi you can see over 2000 species of exotic evergreens, rare animals, birds, eucalyptus groves that are brought to Arboretum from different parts of the world.


One of the most popular places for recreation and entertainment of citizens and guests of Sochi – the park “Riviera” was founded in 1898. In the park on the territory of 14 hectares are numerous attractions, a sports town, a library, the Green Theater, which pleases performances of entertainers. Glade of Friendship is a special attraction of the Riviera Park. Glade is famous because the magnolias growing here were planted in 1960 by famous politicians, as well as Russian and American cosmonauts.


This is a unique and beautiful place, which in a few years was turned from a small empty village into a world-class, year-round mountain resort. The uniqueness of this resort lies in an amazing combination of amazing landscapes with a variety of wildlife. You can ride on the Olympic cable car, which opens breathtaking panoramas to the mountain cluster, see the Olympic facilities, visit a beekeeper, where you will taste the famous Krasnopolyansky mountain honey for free.


Sochi Discovery World Aquarium opened on December 26, 2009. On the territory of 6000 square meters there are more than 30 aquariums, where about 4 000 fish species dwell. You will make a cognitive journey through a transparent underwater tunnel 40+ meters long, you will visit the bottom of a coral reef where you can watch playful sea horses, exotic fish, all kinds of rays and sharks of different sizes.

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