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Welcome to the official website of Aktyor, one of the most popular health resorts in Southern Russia!
A true vacation certainly means a change of scenery. Only this option will bring the desired relaxation to human body and fill it with new vibes. So the best advice tired business people can get is – go to a health resort!


The park zone of Aktyor is a unique subtropical area with many coniferous trees known as a source of precious phytoncides. It is phytoncides, inhaled with fresh seaside air, that provide a salutary Sochi treatment for people with cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders. Therefore, when there is a need to appoint a patient to a Sochi health resort, hundreds of doctors recommend Aktyor.


We have a winter indoor swimming pool with heated sea water, a gym for physiotherapy with numerous simulators, a beach complex with two tanning salons, a boat station, a sauna, a cafe and a rental office. Our sports complex combines a regular gym and a special treatment gym, a badminton court and the indoor pool we mentioned above. Children are treated as special guests at Aktyor. For them we have a playroom with a tutor. To conduct seminars, trainings and concerts we provide a concert hall for 228 people.

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