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Three meals a day on Buffet system: nutrition is organized in the restaurant hall on the second floor of the health-improving complex where you can also enjoy a magnificent sea view. You will find a wide choice of dishes of Russian, Caucasian and European cuisines, a variety of hot and cold drinks, a high culture of service. In the restaurant there is an open kitchen, where chefs cook lace fragrant pancakes and toast for breakfast. And our confectioner will please you with abundance of fresh and tasty pastry of his own production, sweet cakes, cookies and desserts. Attentive waiters always help determine the choice of food. The assortment of dishes is replenished during the whole period of the restaurant work.


The Health Resort offers a system of dietary nutrition, taking into account guests’ disorders. At the Buffer there is a possibility of self-selection of dietary dishes (dishes are offered for 7 types of diets: 5,7,8,9,10,11,15). The daily diet of our Buffet is designed so that the optimal balance of nutrients and vitamins promotes the recovery of the guests from the beginning to the end of stay in the Health Resort. Buffet system allows you to eat varied, tasty and fast meals. Each dish is accompanied by information on the content of protein, fat, carbohydrates and energy in it. All data are quoted per 100 g of product.


For the earliest guests an early breakfast is organized at 7:00 For the youngest guests there are children’s chairs and the children’s menu. Buffet system is

  • convenience
  • easy service
  • wide range of dishes
  • no restrictions in the number and choice of dishes

The food service has certificates of comliance. Professional chefs prepare a wide variety of dishes, the range and taste of which will pleasantly surprise even the most discerning guests. It is possible to create an individual menu, developed in accordance with the recommendations of the medical staff of the Health Resort.


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