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The Sochi pedestrian path starts near Matsesta and lasts until the Sea Port of Sochi. The first part of the path that passes to the Stadium is called the “Path of Health”


In Sochi, according to local historians, the city’s five-kilometer footpath was laid in the mid-30s of the last century – over the old Circassian path which was of strategic importance to the mountaineers. In the pre-revolutionary era, above the path laid the estates of the famous dacha owners: finance minister Witte, The Most Brilliant Prince Golitsyn, prince Trubetskoy, cossack ataman Malama, doctor Peunova. There were evergreen cypress trees and cryptomeria, junipers and thui, Italian pines and magnolias, cypresses and strawberries, cedars and osmanthus, sequoias and eucalyptuses, evergreen oaks and cinnamon, laurels and lyriodendrons – a kind of tropical arboretum. The age of some specimens has long passed a hundred-year boundary (similar trees are called patriarchs). Among the patriarch trees there are Caucasian limes, maple ash, trembling poplar, beautiful ash, caucasian hornbeam, evergreen cypress, eucalyptus stick, camphor and many others.


Terrencure is translated as treatment on the ground – this is a kind of method of Health Resort treatment, which provides for physical activity in the form of walking walks in a mountainous area and a certain verified route. It is held outdoors, as it contributes to tempering and increasing endurance, as well as normalizing the psycho-emotional stability of a person. This sport improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, speeds up the metabolism, and repairs the nervous system.

The new terrencure passes almost through the whole city of Sochi – from Matsesta to the Central Stadium and further, past the Dendrarium Park, along the Embankment to the Marine Station. Currently, there are also such health resorts as: “Riviera Park – Riviera Beach”, “Riviera River – Sochi River Embankment”, “Riviera Park – Sea Embankment”, “Art Museum – Seaside Quay”. You can choose any and not just relax, but also to improve your health on vacation.


Rules of the terrencure:

  • Walking should be done regularly, every day, during a short time of the day – in the morning before lunch, or in the evening before going to bed.
  • Clothes should be light, not constraining movements, shoes comfortable.
  • Walking should be accompanied by proper breathing and a good mood.

From the territory of Aktyor Health Resort there is passage to the “Path of Health”

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